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Bio Face and Body Glitter – Peachy Pink 10g


These glitter freckles are just fabulous!
Perfect for the eyes, cheekbones, shoulders and collarbone – or anywhere in need of a little sparkle.

Set your style to sparkle and make passers-by smile!

Bio glitter can be applied on with a special glitter glue, but it will also stick to your skin if you smear it with lip balm, sticky oil or even butter.

If you are applying glitter close to the eye, please make sure it is firmly attached. To do that, you can use a special cosmetic glitter glue. Otherwise, the glitter may flake off and irritate the delicate mucous membrane of the eye.

Vegetarian product (contains approx. 4% shellac).
The glitter freckles are packaged in a gold aluminum tin.
Store in a dry place away from moisture.

How to apply bio glitter to the body or face?

Step I

Start by applying cream, oil, lip balm or cosmetic glitter glue on the skin.

Step II

With a clean and dry finger, apply a bit of glitter to the skin.

Simple as that!
If you followed the above steps, the glitter glued will stick to the skin for several hours!

Ingredients: Biodegradable cellulose derivative | vegetable glycerin | water | shellac | mix of cosmetic mica – synthetic and mineral (mineral mica used in the production of our glitters comes from the USA – its extraction is regulated by national regulations specifying the principles of occupational health and safety)

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