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Fuchsia Verbena Bath Salt 500g


Designed to create a relaxing atmosphere at bath time

Sea salt is known for its detoxifying and soothing properties.
It is full of minerals that have an extremely positive effect on our body. A warm bath with salt is not only a way to truly relax, but also cleanses and detoxifies the skin.


Soothe your senses in a relaxing bath with Fuchsia Verbena sea salt full of natural ingredients

Allow yourself a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Take care of your body and mind.
Immerse yourself in a floral bath with sea salt and natural French clay.
The unique, floral scent of fuchsia and verbena will turn your bath into a relaxing ritual.
Additionally, purple French clay perfectly cleanses the skin and supports the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.
It contains valuable minerals such as silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium.
Sea salt stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle spasms, and gomphrena flowers reduce stress.

How to use:

Sprinkle 4 to 5 tablespoons of salt into a bathtub full of warm water.
Wait a few minutes until the product starts to dissolve and let the relaxing oils calm your body and senses.


Ingredients: Maris Salt | Parfum | Gomphrena Globosa Flower | Kaolin | CI77742 | Thymus Hiemalis Leaf Oi | Citral | Benzyl Benzoate | Benzyl Salicylate | Citronellol | Linalool | Limonene | Eugenol | Isoeugenol

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