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Where it all begins Blue Ceramic Tray Handmade



A ceramic tray in the shape of a female yoni or vulva in pink – blue colour and a shiny pearl centre. Use it as a burner to light your favourite incense, e.g. white sage or palo sticks. Where It All Begins is also great as a jewellery plate, soap dish or as a playful addition to your home space.

Keep your jewellery, soap or favourite incense on our fun ceramic tray!

Feel the power of femininity!
Appreciate your beauty and unlimited ability to love everything and everyone. Love yourself sincerely and unconditionally – your body, your soul, your whole being! You’re a woman. You are wonderful!

Each of High Light’s trays is handcrafted using the highest quality materials. That’s why your piece may be slightly different from the one you see in the photo.
However, rest assured that the one you will receive is absolutely unique!
Ideal for storing jewellery, soap or burning your favourite incense.

Remember that the glaze used is not recommended for contact with food, especially with acidic products such as lemon.


Pastel shades of pink, blue, white


14 cm x 9 cm | 6 inch x 4 inch

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