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White sage Natural Incense



Natural white sage incense in the lollipop shape. Its intense, slightly spicy, woody and herbal aroma calms down and cleanses the mind and the space around you. These sage sticks are perfect for purifying spaces, attracting positive energy, and enhancing spiritual practices.

Create a calming ritual with White Sage incense

White sage is a plant native to the southwestern United States, originally grown by Native Americans. Burn it when you need to clear your thoughts before meditating. Use it to cleanse yourself and the space of any dark energy. You can use Sage several times a day and observe the changes in your well-being!

How to burn White Sage?

  • Take a bunch of white sage in your hand and fire it at its top. Wait for a small flame to burn.
  • Then blow it out carefully. The incense should begin to smoke intensely.
  • Now, when the incense is gently smouldering, you can put it on a ceramic tray or smudge yourself, your apartment or other chosen space.
  • Please remember about the safety rules. Place the product on a stable and heat-resistant surface. Do not leave burning incense unattended.
  • Extinguish the incense when you need to and burn it again at any time.

Dimensions: 10 cm | 3.9 inch

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